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My first reall poetry post

I'm not really sure if this is good, but I guess this community needs something to start up again, right?


On a scorched plane of long left rivets and gorges.
Parched, lips cracked,
eyes shut,
with the agony of purgatory.
I mumbled and cried,
my blood evaporationg through my veins,
some montrous fuel,
monstrous price to pay.

How long I lay body bent,
prostrated before some heathen-like God,
I know not.
Some proud facade of man in it's final days.
Now I lay,
woman laying,
before his etched memory,
weeping for the life,
As slowly surely my blood ,
evaporates and solidifies,
covering me in my own life;
yet I wait watching before the figure
that once held my hand.

How infidelity,
has been so statusque.
how love,
may solidify so that it sits,
this lump in my throat.
And like some unknown button,
I am tossed into a junk drawer,
turning to dust in the annals of god.
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