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Two New

"Orange Night"
Lights off and laying in bed,
Staring at the frosted window into an orange night,
These covers that hide my loneliness fall to the floor,
Watching the street lights shadow the free falling snow,
I wasn't supposed to end up this way.

The shadows on the wall,
They come alive on an orange night,
Dancing through my head,
Leaving me tired but my eyes don't close,
I wouldn't feel the same if you said you'd stay.

So here we are on this white morning,
The sounds of holidays ringing with the sounds of a new year,
Another chance for a fresh start that will end just the same,
So far I fail to understand everything,
I wouldn't want the answers if I was living in yesterday.

Dreaming of content on an uneventful afternoon,
Nothing to say with the clear streets and covered grass,
To give ourselves away to the loneliness of orange night,
I can't believe we pray for the thanksgivings that we take for granted,
So for you I couldn't understand your wishes and that's why we stay away.

So here I am again,
The same shadows that dance on the lit wall,
My head in my hands to find meaning in the orange night,
These holidays that leave such joy and bitterness to rest of the world sleeping,
My arms gave way under pressure and that's why I couldn't pray.
-Chris D 11/27/02-

"Winter Night"
The lazy trees of Winter have lost their life,
Away with the leaves that brought everything together,
A cold breath that escapes her lips,
Playfully dancing in the clash of a small whirlwind,
Leaving the emotion that makes everything painful behind,
She turns her eyes towards those same friends in the sky,
Those ones that never turn shame to tears,
Alone she's my brightest star in the sky,
Never changing,
Nor ever straying from me,
A gloved hand that pulls back her glowing hair,
The moonlight that covers us,
An ocean that we never find ourselves drowning,
That same breathe that sang from her only sigh,
Answers that never came to questions that didn't matter,
Here we were on the same place as the last,
Forgiving the time that kept us from each other,
Missing nothing but each other,
Lost in everything around that makes not a sound,
This Winter night that keeps us still within our hold,
Providing the warmth from our hearts to keep awake,
This same season that was marked so miserable before,
So lonely and unwarranting,
I keep my faith alive for everything possible in her eyes,
To keep me sane and on my feet,
Without my head in those clouds that no longer crawl home,
I stay here,
-Chris D 11/23/2002
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