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What would I say if the time came,
One word on the tip of my tongue,
Quenching my eyes with the way you look right now,
If my hands were to paint a picture on canvas for you,
I think it might take me forever to capture how you look at a moment's notice,
And all it is,
One word that I can't let slip for anyone but you.

If i took my palms,
covered my eyes,
would you remember anything about me,
I'm fading like the colors of your portrait,
If i disappeared like a simple magic trick,
would you laugh like that of a child or find me with the concerns of your heart,
My feet can only take me so far through my dreams to find someone like you,
One word can be said right now,
I can't let it slip,
I hope to God that you don't move from my sight right now,
My lips that touched you before and hope to find their way back find it hard to say that one word.

I find myself so anxious and barely breathing when we come so close,
I hope that you ask me a question with an answer that only someone like me knows, and with one word I hope to steal your heart,
Maybe my voice will escape me and my breathing will fail altogether but I've been down this road with you before,
These are the days I'm glad you're around for someone so tired like myself,
I could sit back and remember it all for hours,
but one word could say it all,
when forever seemed so close to touch,
when I love you was said and it meant so much,
It still amazes and it confuses me though,
How we could have passed on in life if I never worked up the courage to say one word,
So hard for me to say hello.
-Chris D 11.28.02-
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