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new Song

"Walk Away"
Lay down,
Let the back of your head hit the ground,
You could say you're sorry,
You could say you care,
Too late cause in my mind you were never there......

And when I'm gone,
You say your sweet little things,
Such a good kid,
It just wasn't his time to leave....

If you fall,
Letting your head hit the ground,
I'll be there sooner than the rest,
Cause you fall the same as I do,
But I might just yell to rest of the world....look at what I found....

If you wonder if I'm gone,
Don't bother with your sweet words,
Such a nice kid,
My time came sooner than the rest,

And if you stretch your arms out long,
You might see me falling,
Don't you catch me,
It's not my time,
It's not my time because inside I'm going crazy,
I'm losing it all in my mind....

And don't resist,
To let the tears hit your face,
When my time comes....

Do you see me?,
Am I drowning?,
Do you hear me?,
Am I screaming?,
Do I sound confused?,

And if you see me walk away,
I'm gone,
Don't let your words come out wrong,
You'll never get another chance,
For such a nice kid.....Such a nice kid

If I'm screaming loud enough,
I just want you to know,
You were worth it.
-Chris D-12.3.02
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