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i wrote this for my boyfriend who i broke up with on wednesday not only did he break me but he broke

please dont make me cry
im not what they say
im not along for the ride
i feel i love you
i really do
and literally god is making my dreams come true
so many people like you
i guess you know
i dont want to lose you
im not keeping you for show

please dont make me cry
my heart has been just once broken
and that was by harsh words aspoken
i dont know what you feel for me
i do not say much
but thats not done intentionally
around people i act like a freak
i try but i cant help it
i choose not to speak

please dont make me cry
i love to stare into your eyes
filled with wonder
i like the way my life is no more a blunder
i never did i believe
as much as i do now
never had i seen
all that can be

please dont make me cry
i shouldent have to beg
this is just a reminder
i do trust you
cant say i know you well enough yet
cant say i hate you
that i would regret

please dont make me cry
you would be the tear in my eye
that would roll down my cheek
and into the silence as i would weep

please dont make me cry
please say they are not right
they fill my mind with doubt and wonder
they remind me of your past
say you cant be trusted
say it wont last

please dont make me cry for you
cause that would be the end of me
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that rocks
no1 really posts on this group nemore tho
but yeah i like that
it sorta makes me think about my otherside
but me as i am at the moment is lots of people so i guess i9 wont know the other side
i want a lesbian prom queen!
hahaha im glad you like it :)