Oh, the places you will go. (goodnight) wrote in inmybigdreams,
Oh, the places you will go.

i wrote this a while ago...

A Straight Girl's Lament

My other half's a lesbian
She sleeps with all the girls
She messes around and dont clean up
She's a coctail dress without any pearls
She has short hair
She loves to read
Smarter than the smartest boys
she dreams of ms. lake and marilyn
It's the men who often hurt me
She knows she doesnt need
Shes confident
And radiant
She doesnt care that her hair isnt clean
She smokes, she drinks, she pierces herself
She's everything i almost am
and sometimes even need
She kicks some ass
And takes some names
She's my lesbian prom queen.

what do you think? helpful critism welcomed...
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