Abby (theonlyspree) wrote in inmybigdreams,

There were days when I thought I had lost you
Days when the world turned its back on me
I dreamed one day there would be something I could do
But there was honestly nothing left for me

You were happy and with your decision I was fine
I cried for days on end but never showed you
I still wished that, one-day once again; you would be mine
Would that wish ever really come true?

I found a way back into your heart
Only to hurt another in you life
I wish there would be a way for us to be together and yet still apart
Not to cause any trouble in your life

There are some things that just don’t happen twice
Like the love we once had for each other
But now we could possibly grow a new love
One that has never been had before

Just give it time
We’ll see what happens
This love is mine
And I wont let it ever go


Am I the One?

Could you love me?
Do you love me?
How is it so,
That when I hear those words
'I love you'
My heart flutters with excitement
And my heart flutters with fear.
Fear of being hurt again.
Every time I hear what she says,
she always tells me something of what you have said to her.
Its ironic the words you use.
Exactly the same,
every word you ever said to me,
just said in a different way.
How can I believe when you say
'You've always been the one'
If it’s true why is she still there?
Tell me,
Am I really the one?
Have I always been the one?
I’m going to wait around,
with out feelings attached this time.
For if you happen to run off with someone again,
I wont be hurt.
All because I held back.
Please God; don’t let him hurt me again...

Tell me what you think. I know I cannot write at all...
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